I Will Survive: Midtown East Edition

In a city where streets change with the seasons, storefronts are renamed or repurposed yearly, and shops open and close faster than we can visit them, the establishments that have been able to stick around for decades – and sometimes centuries – deserve special mention. Scattered throughout Manhattan, there are ancient restaurants, galleries, butchers, and retail stores that have stood the test of time. Some have been passed down through generations of the same family, others have been handled lovingly by a long line of owners who have been linked together only by their passion for the business. Still others have survived thanks to their founders, who continue coming to the store each day despite being years beyond the traditional age of retirement.

It has been a magical experience being able to talk to the owners of these businesses, some of which existed way back when New York was essentially a collection of villages huddled around a port. We encourage you to visit these places, each of which has an amazing – and extended – history to share.

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