Breakfasting on the Side Streets

As the journey of Manhattan Sideways continues, and we wake up early to begin our walking, we have come across many side street spots serving, and even specializing in, breakfast. On the mornings when we are able to slow down just for a moment and nourish ourselves properly for the day, we delight in ordering from either an extensive menu of pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, muffins – the whole nine yards – or just a simple bowl of granola, or even a smoothie to take on the go. The side streets do not disappoint when it comes to breakfast – the most important, though perhaps often under-appreciated, meal of the day!

Sit-Down Breakfasts

For those mornings when there is time to read the paper and have a leisurely breakfast before tackling the day.

Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Delicious and well-rounded breakfast spots with early morning hours and transportable goodies.

Hotel Breakfasts

Decadent and noteworthy hotel dining spots offering morning meals to guests and visitors alike.

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