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The blue-and-white checkered pattern caught my attention the moment I stepped inside the door of Hastens. Being greeted by the lovely and knowledgeable sales associate Kristin Heilig, I quickly realized that I had discovered a world-renowned bedding company that had a fascinating history. Hastens began as a saddle making company in 1852. In the years that followed, the company changed focus, ultimately becoming Sweden's oldest bed and mattress producer, garnering a reputation for creating the consummate in luxury beds. The Swedish word for horse is 'häst' - and although the family is no longer in the saddle business, five generations later, the name of the company is a nod to its history. Each mattress is made by hand in their factory in Sweden, assembled from natural materials, and in their most extravagant mattresses, horsehair filling remains its signature feature. The store on 58th is the smaller of the New York Hästens locations, but includes everything one might need for a splendid shopping experience, including the exquisite bedding accessories. Kristin told us that many of her customers are interior designers and architects; however, they do get curious walk-ins who spot the attractive interior from the street. The store is elegantly curated, with a variety of beds on display. As Kristin explained, "it is really about how the bed feels to each individual, as everyone is different. " She went on to say that there is no formula for deciding on the right one. People simply need to spend time at Hastens in order to find "the perfect fit for the best sleep. " And, while a Hästens bed is certainly an investment, Kristin assured me that most customers keep their bed for a lifetime.