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Row House Chelsea

Prior to attending a class at Row House on 23rd Street, Jenna's rowing experience consisted of futzing around on her gym’s machine and barely breaking a sweat. After one class, she told me that she now knows how to properly use a row machine, how to make the most out of her time on it, and how to have fun doing it. The studio, conveniently located less than a block from the C, E, and 1 trains, is sporty, chic, and comfortable. Free lockers are available, towels are provided, filtered water is ready to be streamed into a rower’s reusable bottle, and plastic bottles are available for purchase, just in case. Construction was completed to accommodate its fall of 2015 opening, so the bathrooms and showers are pristine and the work-out room is decked out with strong air-conditioning, a sound system, and, most importantly, brand new rowing machines begging to be used. (Jenna said that she noticed that when the machines are in full swing, they actually sound a bit like paddles in water, which made for a relaxing, meditative experience, something she did not expect from such an intense work out. )  In the spring of 2016, the space’s back patio will be available for pre or post-class stretching, relaxation, and sunning. Jenna's instructor, Gretchen - who also teaches at Row House’s other two locations - was confident, skilled, and helpful. She coached everyone on proper form and what all the numbers on the machine’s screens meant. After about fifteen minutes on the row machine, Gretchen had the class on their feet, doing squats, lunges, planks, and a few other muscle building moves. Then it was back to the machine for more rowing, followed by a cool down session of stretching. All in all, Jenna felt like the forty-five minute class gave her a full work out, hit muscles she might not have normally paid much attention to, and was varied enough to keep her interested. Gretchen’s music choices and very positive attitude did not hurt either. Needless to say, I was thrilled that a member of the Manhattan Sideways team got to discover this new form of exercise and I have no doubt that Jenna will return, as it is only a few steps from where she lives.