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37 West 14th Street
Wigs and Plus 1 Hair Accessories Wigs Greenwich Village

Wigs began in the basement of the former Jonas department store back in 1990. Frank took over his dad's shop in 2004 and went on to expand it to the present location. The initial concept was to be a beauty supply store, but over the years the emphasis shifted to everything hair. Today, this store is absolutely awesome. There is nothing that we could think of relating to hair that was not on a shelf. And wigs are everywhere - in every style and color imaginable. Frank has definitely cut out a niche for himself in several markets. Most importantly, he and his staff work with cancer patients, even accepting their insurance. His other customers include Broadway performers, strippers, drag queens, business women, and Halloween celebrants. All in all, Frank seems to have garnered a significant customer base over the years with his array of wigs.

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Wigs and Plus 1 Hair Accessories Wigs Greenwich Village

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Babycastles Gallery

Babycastles, randomly named in honor of a Japanese pastry, is a gallery and community venue for video game designers. However, according to Todd Anderson, one of the members of the Babycastles collective, Babycastles is about more than just gaming. It is an “incubator” of fresh artistic thought, a place to go with unconventional ideas to be welcomed by individuals who can see those concepts into fruition without red tape and hefty price tags.Using his own story as a case study, Todd told me about how he moved to New York from Chicago in order to pursue digital poetry, a relatively new genre that plays with the interaction between technology and language (for example, using a keyboard to control the delivery of a poem in the same way a conductor guides an orchestra). Todd turned to Babycastles, inquired about hosting a monthly poetry event, and was met with great support. He found a home for his art, and has been invested in Babycastles ever since.Sharing a building with Hack Manhattan, Babycastles hosts a wide variety of events for all ages including concerts, lectures, game launches, and even yoga. The Babycastles team curates exhibitions that spotlight independent video game designers and define their work in the larger context of fine arts. Oftentimes, custom game cabinets are built to accommodate the works on display.Game creators and other artists are invited to apply for the Babycastles residency program, which allows them to take advantage of the bright, sunlit co-working space and receive inspiration from an artistic community where they can freely test their latest ideas. For an application to the program, check the website; new members are admitted regularly.