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238 East 9th Street
Yonekichi 1 Japanese East Village

One of the more recent additions to Ninth Street is Yonekichi, a rice burger shop that is just a little wood-framed kitchen with a window wedged between the two neighboring storefronts. We visited on the day of its soft opening, and a line had already formed outside as people waited to place their order at the window. Decked out with several lanterns lined up just above their awning, Yonekichi serves many different kinds of rice burgers - that is, Japanese style “burgers” on buns of sticky rice. They also serve “furi furi” potato wedges. We sampled the Kinpira, with sautéed lotus root, carrot, sesame seeds, and togarashi threads. It was so different from anything we had ever tasted before, but we all agreed it was a perfect blend of flavors and quite delicious.

Yonekichi 2 Japanese East Village
Yonekichi 3 Japanese East Village
Yonekichi 1 Japanese East Village
Yonekichi 4 Japanese East Village
Yonekichi 5 Japanese East Village

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