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Opening Hours
Today: 9am–9pm
31 West 8th Street
Classic Arepas This Must Be The Place Neon Venezuelan Greenwich Village

Venezuelan eatery Classic Arepas brings a taste of South America to Greenwich Village. Sunlight floods the colorful, inviting space, where customers can enjoy authentic homemade arepas, empanadas and other Venezuelan specialties.

Classic Arepas' bright flavors and warm hospitality transport diners to the streets of Caracas. Pop in for a quick sandwich or settle in with grilled meats, platters and more from their extensive menu. Empanadas emerge hot and crispy from the kitchen, filled with molten cheese or savory shredded beef. Griddled corn cakes called arepas come stuffed with fillings like juicy chicken, plantains and black beans. Refreshing passionfruit juice (Maracuya) provides the perfect tropical accent.

The staff help new diners navigate the menu, ensuring everyone can discover new favorite tastes. With its balance of tradition and innovation, Classic Arepas brings a modern Venezuelan dining experience to Greenwich Village, staying true to its roots while appealing to New York palates. They also stock Venezuelan snacks for those homesick for classic treats. The neon “This Must Be the Place” sign sums up the homey spirit that makes this restaurant a new neighborhood classic.

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Classic Arepas stor Venezuelan Greenwich Village
Classic Arepas sign Venezuelan Greenwich Village
Classic Arepas snacks Venezuelan Greenwich Village
Classic Arepas inside Venezuelan Greenwich Village
Classic Arepas This Must Be The Place Neon Venezuelan Greenwich Village

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