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La MaMa Theater

74 East 4th Street

Located on this theater-dedicated street is the world-renowned experimental Off-Off Broadway theater that was founded by Ellen Stewart in 1961. La Mama's First Floor Theater is located on the first level and La Mama's The Club is located on the second. Both theaters host live performances and smaller rehearsal studios are for rent.


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Lost Gem
Theatre 80 1 Theaters East Village

Theatre 80

Theatre 80 is chock full of history. According to the affable owner, Lorcan Otway, Frank Sinatra once performed on their stage. Stars such as Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, Jane Russell, Myrna Loy, Kitty Carlisle, and Dom DeLuise all visited this spot, pressing their hands into cement to decorate the sidewalk that lines the building. Most amazing was learning the history of Theatre 80 itself, designed and created by Lorcan’s father, Howard Otway. Howard had come from a family involved in theatre since the seventeenth century, and after running away to become a coal miner, returned to the world of theatre at fifteen to become an actor and published writer. During his thirty years of traveling and performing on various stages, Howard would always take notes on how the stages themselves specifically affected the performances. In 1964, Howard was able to receive a loan from Walter Scheib, who had run the space since its time as an illegal nightclub during the Prohibition Era. With the success of the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” in 1967, Howard was able to pay off the loan and ensure that 80 St. Marks Place could grow to be what it is today. Theatre 80 is part of a shrinking class of medium sized, off-Broadway theatres, and is truly one-of-a kind. Lorcan informed us that Howard’s main influences were Roman amphitheaters and German opera houses. He designed the theatre such that everyone is be able to see the entire performance, no matter where they were sitting. For this reason, the stage is enormous, taking up almost fifty percent of the room, and is also on a lower level than most other stages. The acoustics are also amazing, Lorcan telling us that a whisper on stage can be heard from the back row!

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Lost Gem
Pageant Print Shop 1 Bookstores East Village

Pageant Print Shop

Pageant Print Shop’s entirely glass storefront bordered by light blue is instantly eye-catching and proudly displays the treasure within. Inside its bright, buttercream interior, an immense assortment of old prints and maps line every wall and fill neatly-labeled display racks.This sanctuary of beautiful historical pieces was created by Sidney Solomon and Henry Chafetz in 1946. It was originally one of the many second-hand book stores on Fourth Avenue, an area that was then known as “Book Row.” Now under the leadership of Sidney’s daughters, Shirley and Rebecca, Pageant Print Shop primarily sells old prints and is thriving at its current 4th Street location.Having worked with historic pieces her whole life, Shirley knows how to get the best prints. She has amassed her impressive collection from antique book auctions as well as other various sources that she has built up over the years. Rodger, who has been working at Pageant Print Shop for over a decade, told Manhattan Sideways that “what we are looking for are old books with the bindings broken that are really not in very good shape on the outside, but still have good quality prints, maps, or illustrations on the inside.” Although they search for old books based on the contents within, the shop also sells the old bindings for creatives looking to make decoupage and other fun art projects.Pageant Print Shop is definitely a fixture in the East Village, and in the words of Rodger, is “one of those neighborhood jams.” They enjoy “a loyal group of people that have been coming here for eons," tourists looking for something authentically New York City, and neighborhood people walking by. Rodger told us that newcomers are often “surprised that they are able to buy a piece of history,” and return for more of their authentic, beautiful, and historic prints. Pageant Print Shop is unique in its extensive, high quality, and affordable selection. Rodger affirmed that “It’s going to be hard for you to find someone who has this kind of a collection at these kinds of prices - it’s just true.”