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OddFellows Ice Cream Co

75 East 4th Street
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 1 Ice Cream East Village

The bright and welcoming exterior of OddFellows squeezed among the shops of 4th Street consists of a red door and a matching red bench. Immediately drawn inside by this inviting front, we happily met one of the owners, Mohan, who described the space as possessing of a “carnival, whimsical aesthetic.” The ice cream shop is small, with just a few stools to sit upon, and it was tightly packed with excited customers on the very hot summer afternoon when we visited. We sampled the milk chocolate caramel and could not have been more satisfied with the perfect taste and texture.

Mohan shared with us that OddFellows began during his wife’s pregnancy when she craved pretzel ice cream. He decided to quit his day job and open an ice cream shop, one that would produce high quality, homemade, and fresh ice cream with a variety of constantly changing, unique flavors to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Co-owner Sam joined Mohan and his wife, Holiday, to takeover the actual making of the ice cream, while Mohan handles business and Holiday covers their media management. This power trio started out in Williamsburg and has expanded to the lovely location we visited on East 4th, always holding true to their standards of high quality ice cream

The Manhattan Sideways team has frequented OddFellows many times these last few years, as we began organizing SideWalk Events in the East Village. Stopping by here has always been a highlight for the groups that we are introducing to the side streets. In 2015, the 4th Street location changed its menu slightly to feature ice cream sandwiches and rechristened itself "The Sandwich Shop." There are many delectable original creations including the deliciously simple "classic sandwiches", dusted with graham cracker, and a "DIY" menu, which encourages customers to build their own dessert. I tried one of their Burnt Honey Rosemary buns, which was a delightfully savory dessert sandwich composed of rosemary ice cream wrapped in a brioche and drizzled with honey. For those who are not in the mood for an ice cream sandwich, there are still the classic scoops and milkshakes that OddFellows has been serving since 2013.

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OddFellows Ice Cream Co 1 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 2 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 3 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 4 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 5 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 6 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 7 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 8 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 9 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 10 Ice Cream East Village
OddFellows Ice Cream Co 11 Ice Cream East Village

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Van Leeuwen began as just a couple of ice cream trucks back in 2008. A few years later, they opened their first brick-and-mortar store on 7th Street and have since gone on to add other permanent shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Owners Ben, Pete, and Laura and their team are extremely concerned with the quality of their product and whence they source ingredients. The vanilla flavor comes from organic bourbon and Tahitian vanilla orchids, and the chocolate comes from a family-run French company with free trade practices, Michele Cluizel Chocolate. Van Leeuwen also offers sophisticated flavors like sweet sticky black rice, earl grey tea, Ceylon cinnamon, and salted caramel with buffalo trace bourbon. When I visited in the summer of 2016, the two trending Van Leeuwen flavors were honeycomb and ginger, but, as Van Leeuwen is always adding new specialty flavors, I am sure that the favorites change quite often. Among the recently added at the time were chocolate banana cream pie and Mexican chocolate birthday cake. Though veganism seems to be a bit of trend, especially with the Vegolution, it has limitations in the ice cream community - but not at Van Leeuwen. Their vegan options are made with only “coconut and cashew milk, raw cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, and organic sugar cane. ” For many years, the shop has offered vegan scoops in flavors ranging from chocolate chip cookie dough to matcha green tea. “People appreciate that we have it, ” explained an employee, “and they are just as popular as the others. ”

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Pageant Print Shop’s entirely glass storefront bordered by light blue is instantly eye-catching and proudly displays the treasure within. Inside its bright, buttercream interior, an immense assortment of old prints and maps line every wall and fill neatly-labeled display racks. This sanctuary of beautiful historical pieces was created by Sidney Solomon and Henry Chafetz in 1946. It was originally one of the many second-hand book stores on Fourth Avenue, an area that was then known as “Book Row. ” Now under the leadership of Sidney’s daughters, Shirley and Rebecca, Pageant Print Shop primarily sells old prints and is thriving at its current 4th Street location. Having worked with historic pieces her whole life, Shirley knows how to get the best prints. She has amassed her impressive collection from antique book auctions as well as other various sources that she has built up over the years. Roger, who has been working at Pageant Print Shop for over a decade, told Manhattan Sideways that “what we are looking for are old books with the bindings broken that are really not in very good shape on the outside, but still have good quality prints, maps, or illustrations on the inside. ” Although they search for old books based on the contents within, the shop also sells the old bindings for creatives looking to make decoupage and other fun art projects. Pageant Print Shop is definitely a fixture in the East Village, and in the words of Roger, is “one of those neighborhood jams. ” They enjoy “a loyal group of people that have been coming here for eons, " tourists looking for something authentically New York City, and neighborhood people walking by. He told us that newcomers are often “surprised that they are able to buy a piece of history, ” and return for more of their authentic, beautiful, and historic prints. Pageant Print Shop is unique in its extensive, high quality, and affordable selection. Roger affirmed that “It’s going to be hard for you to find someone who has this kind of a collection at these kinds of prices — it’s just true. ”