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Socarrat Paella Bar

Opening Hours
Today: 4–10pm
259 West 19th Street
Socarrat Paella Bar 1 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea

Jared, a member of the Manhattan Sideways team, was eager to share his passion about Socarrat with me when we reached 19th Street. There are two main reasons for the long weekend lines and boisterous, gleeful crowds regularly filling up this sliver of a restaurant: fantastic sangria and socarrat. Socarrat is the crunchy, salty, flavorful crust that forms at the base of a true, well-done paella. This uber-slick Spanish paella bar is the ultimate place in New York to experience this delicious phenomenon. Socarrat also serves a variety of excellent tapas – come during the day and you can get three small plates for $14. Jared has been coming here regularly with his friends since the restaurant first opened in 2008. He generally orders several different paellas, one for every two people, and a pitcher of red and white sangria. He loves seafood, and is particularly fond of the Pescados & Mariscos paella – basa fish, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels, cockles, squid, and scallops. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Socarrat paella, an interesting mix of chicken, beef, calamari, shrimp, white fish, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, and green beans. There are eight paella options in total, for the carnivores and vegetarians alike, and some really fantastic small plates – spicy shrimp grilled in olive oil and hot peppers and spicy sautéed chorizo sausage with peppers and onions are amongst Jared's favorites. Socarrat has found much success since its opening a few years ago, and now has multiple locations in Nolita and the East Village.

Socarrat Paella Bar 2 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 3 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 4 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 5 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 6 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 7 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 8 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 9 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 10 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 1 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 11 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea
Socarrat Paella Bar 12 Spanish Tapas and Small Plates Chelsea

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Burger and Lobster

The moment I walked into Burger and Lobster, I knew that it was not a typical seafood restaurant. Huge lobsters swam in tanks by the door, and a whimsical chalkboard announced the restaurant’s grand total of three menu items: the burger, the lobster, and the lobster roll. When Burger and Lobster opened in January of 2015, no one knew whether its limited menu would appeal to New Yorkers. Vanessa, the general manager, was especially skeptical. “But after just a few weeks,” she told me, “the restaurant was a huge success! I couldn’t believe it.” Since then, Burger and Lobster’s reputation has continued to grow, and the wait on weekends can be up to an hour. When I stopped by on a sweltering July afternoon, I could see why the restaurant has become so popular. Housed in a former tae kwon do studio, Burger and Lobster feels both casual and upscale, with high ceilings and simple décor (I especially liked the lobster trap light fixtures). With seating for up to 300 people at a time, the restaurant can easily accommodate large groups, and the downstairs space is available for private events. Even better, every item on the menu is $20 and comes with generous portions of salad and fries. Burger and Lobster has a distinctively American feel, so I was surprised to learn that the company is based in the UK. According to Vanessa, it all started out with four friends who had known each other since high school. They already owned several high-end London restaurants, and when they decided to do something fun and different, Burger and Lobster was born. The first restaurant was so successful that the business multiplied, and now has eight locations in London and several others in Manchester, Wales, and Dubai. All of Burger and Lobster’s locations have the same laid-back atmosphere, but Vanessa told me that the New York restaurant is the most fun. “A lot of our servers are actors and actresses,” she explained, “and they’re always having a good time. Last week, two of them performed a scene from Dirty Dancing, and everyone loved it!”In spite of its relaxed environment, Burger and Lobster is very serious about the quality of its food. Vanessa explained that they buy all of their lobsters from the same group of lobstermen in Nova Scotia, while their beef comes from carefully selected Nebraskan ranchers. “We work really closely with them to make sure all of our food is of the highest possible quality,” Vanessa added.We had the opportunity to try the food for ourselves just a few minutes later, when the server presented us with all three of Burger and Lobster’s menu items. The lobster paired perfectly with the lemon garlic butter (as did the fries), and once we managed to bite into the towering ten-ounce burger, we found that it was juicy and filling. The Manhattan Sideways team especially enjoyed the creamy lobster roll on soft butter brioche, a choice that felt refreshing and summery. Though we did not sample the drink menu, Vanessa told us about the signature cocktails and wines that Burger and Lobster has on tap, as well as its many beer options.When we had eaten as much burger and lobster as we could—the portions were quite large—Vanessa took us on a tour of the restaurant’s lobster lab. This area, which was designed by a marine biologist and is regulated by a complex computer system, can hold up to 4000 pounds of lobster at any given time. “We go through a lot of lobster,” Vanessa told us. “On weekends, sometimes we use as many as a thousand per day.” While the smaller lobsters are kept downstairs in the lab, the “big boys,” as they’re affectionately known, are kept on the main floor for customers to admire. Between six and eighteen pounds, some of these lobsters are estimated to be eighty or ninety years old, and they are quite an impressive sight. We even got a chance to hold one of the big boys, a six-pounder who remained surprisingly calm as we lifted him by the claws. Burger and Lobster’s Manhattan location has received rave reviews, and Vanessa told us that the company will soon bring its high-quality food and impressive service to other locations in New York and the United States. But until then, anyone hoping to experience Burger and Lobster will have to make their way to this cool, casual spot on West 19th Street.