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“The shop is Mr. Morowitz’s brainchild, ” said Liliana Rosende, who has helped run Champion Stamp with its founder, Arthur Morowitz, for decades. Mr. Morowitz has been an avid stamp collector since his childhood in the 1950s when it was a common hobby and there were plenty of stamp shops in the city. Liliana, too, was immersed in the stamp community from a young age, as her father boasted an impressive collection. She soon inherited his passion for the hobby. “You learn a lot about geography, history, and more. Every country’s past is told through the pictures on their stamps, ” she explained, as many of them commemorate significant events, people, and places. Those unfamiliar with the pastime might be surprised by its endless possibilities. “Every collection is unique — there are no two collections in the world that are alike. ” Some of Champion’s clients collect only U. S. stamps, while others amass stamps from around the globe or from the country of their ancestry. Collections can be tailored based on a particular era or topic, and the stamps can be used or in mint condition. Part of the excitement of the hobby is its sheer variety, but “a lot of it is the hunt, ” Liliana confided. The shop does not just cater to those interested in stamps; it also serves banknote collectors. Many examples of the paper currency Champion carries seem like “beautiful pieces of artwork, ” with special engravings and patterns. A fair number of Champion’s clients are older collectors who started the hobby as children and returned to it later in life. Nevertheless, Liliana emphasized that collecting — be it banknotes or stamps — can be fun for everyone, regardless of age.