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BuzzFeed Product Labs

150 West 22nd Street
BuzzFeed Product Labs 1  Chelsea

Founded only in 2006, BuzzFeed has become one of the most successful and influential media outlets of the past decade. They have conquered editorial, digital, visual, and social media. Now with their Product Labs, opened ten years later in 2016, they are set to take on the world of merchandising, as well. The office is run by Ben Kaufman, who founded the Mophie portable charging phone case company at only age seventeen and subsequently began his own startup, Quirky, dedicated to niche consumer products for the Internet age. A few years later, Kaufman and his team were acquired by BuzzFeed to translate their editorial success into an online, and eventually a brick and mortar, shop.

What makes the Product Labs so innovative is how differently they function compared to other consumer merchandising companies in partnership with BuzzFeed. While most groups rigorously test products to track their popularity among consumers, BuzzFeed has utilized their status as social media tastemakers to flip the script - to have a dialogue with their customers about what they like and intuitively respond to the demand.

“Someone tweeted at us ‘You guys should make this into a book - verbatim’ and we did,” Christina DiRusso, the Head of Marketing for BuzzFeed Product Labs, recalled with a laugh. She explained to the Manhattan Sideways team that the origin of The President and the Big Boy Truck, a satirical children’s book about President Donald Trump, was taken from a post on the editorial side. This is not the only time the Labs have capitalized on something that the president said: After Trump called the media outlet “a failing pile of garbage” in his first press conference since the election, Kaufman and his team made t-shirts and trash cans to mark the occasion within two hours. This quick reaction time is thanks in part to 3D printing and in-house production, which allows them to keep up with the speed of a web browser. Most of the team comes from the world of physical products, giving the media experts at BuzzFeed the consumer know-how to keep sales going.

“All of our products are inherently social,” DiRusso shared as she showed us around the colorful office. One of their most successful items is the customizable Tasty Cookbook. Since Tasty - which makes videos that populate many Facebook newsfeeds featuring interesting and simple cooking tutorials - is one of BuzzFeed's most popular elements, this product is a perfect example of the editorial side feeding into the shop. The book features a rotating list of the most shared recipes, personalized based on the customer’s categorical preference. The children’s edition of this book also features the customer’s name on the front of the book, adding yet another personal touch. Another one of their exciting projects is the Glam Spinner, a fidget spinner with lip gloss in it, made in partnership with beauty company Taste Beauty, who are known for novelty products like Felicia the Flamingo lip balm.

Perhaps their most noteworthy product is Homesick Candles, a line of candles with scents designed to smell like each of the fifty states and Puerto Rico, as well as a few notable cities. The idea is that no matter where you travel you can always experience the smell of home. Homesick currently occupies the storefront of BuzzFeed Product Labs in the Flatiron district and will likely stay there for the remainder of 2017, as it is the first long-term installment of a rotating merchandising space. The space has hosted other events, such as meet and greets with the popular BuzzFeed internet celebrities "The Try Guys". Our favorite Homesick scent over at Manhattan Sideways is, of course, "New York", which features “forest brush crunching underfoot and the autumn fragrance of pumpkins and apple orchards. Sweet hay and rushing river mix with spice notes of nutmeg and cinnamon to finish.”

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BuzzFeed Product Labs 1  Chelsea
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