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NYC Fine Cigars

NYC Fine Cigars 1 Cigar Shops Garment District Hells Kitchen Hudson Yards

NYC Fine Cigars acts as a second home to its customers. Almost all of the shops's clients are regulars, coming to browse their wide selection of cigars, chat with the owners, and relax while puffing on a cigar. When the Manhattan Sideways team stopped into the store at midday during the week in the summer of 2017, several people were lounging around in the back, talking about everything under the sun with John, the co-owner of the store.

John and Jon, a member of the Manhattan Sideways team, bonded over their mutual name and immediately began speaking about the shop’s legendary history. The first owner of the shop, Julio, came over to the United States from Cuba on a raft. In Cuba, he had been one of the best hand-rollers of cigars and had always dreamed of having his own shop. He was able to do just that, first opening up around the corner on Ninth Avenue, and then moving to his current location in 2015, bringing his loyal following with him.

For many years now, Julio has had his own factory in the Dominican Republic, where he uses Cuban seeds to grow tobacco from which to roll cigars. Every cigar sold in the New York shop comes from Julio’s factory. Because of Julio’s expertise, NYC Fine Cigars is known as the “number one hand roll specialist shop in Manhattan,” John said.

Though John disclosed to us that he does not roll cigars himself, he has a wealth of knowledge about them, having been an enthusiast for several years. “For me, cigars are more of a hobby, but I love them,” he said. Today, the shop still focuses on great cigars, but more importantly, on creating a comfortable atmosphere for its patrons. “At this shop, We don’t like egos. We’re not snobs,” John explained. Located in a quieter part of Midtown, many actors, musicians, and designers are regulars in the shop, looking for a more discrete place to hang out and unwind. "These people don’t brag, instead choosing to come to shed their identities that they bear elsewhere." This lax atmosphere has created a tight knit community of cigar aficionados, many of whom are close friends with each other. “We travel together, we know each other’s kids. When our children want to see where daddy hangs out, they come here and take a look around,” John shared.

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NYC Fine Cigars 1 Cigar Shops Garment District Hells Kitchen Hudson Yards
NYC Fine Cigars 2 Cigar Shops Garment District Hells Kitchen Hudson Yards

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