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Today: 11:30am–10pm
129 East 27th Street
Pippali 1 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill

Prior to opening his restaurants, Pradeep Shinde worked for Leona Helmsley in the Waldorf Astoria. His initial venture into the restaurant business, Madras Mahal, opened in 1987 and was the “first vegetarian/kosher restaurant on the block,” according to Pradeep. Soon after came Chennai Garden and then Tiffin Wallah, which were eventually combined into Chennai Garden by Tiffin Wallah on 28th Street. All of these places have served well-reviewed and distinct cuisines from many regions of India.

 My husband and I had the serendipitous pleasure of stopping by Pippali, Pradeep’s most recent endeavor as of 2013, one Saturday evening towards the end of September, only to find a “friends and family” opening event. Pradeep kindly invited us inside where we were warmly greeted by everyone and offered a seat at the bar. For the next hour, we sampled outstanding Indian food as hors d’oeuvres were passed around. When I commented to Pradeep on how amazing two of the vegetarian creations were - and how they were reminiscent of the spectacular food we had eaten at Tamarind, which had been on 22nd, and at Junoon on 24th - he told me that his chef had worked in both of these restaurants. I cannot say enough good things about all that we tasted. After the puffed poories stuffed with potatoes and topped with yogurt and chutney,  grilled chicken marinated in green chili spices, lamb patties, onion pakora, and my absolute favorite, pieces of cauliflower lightly fried with a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce, we walked away satiated and thrilled.

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Pippali 1 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 2 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 3 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 4 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 5 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 6 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 7 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 8 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill
Pippali 9 Indian Kosher Murray Hill Nomad Rose Hill

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Lost Gem
Nobel Printing Inc. 1 Printing and Copying undefined

Nobel Printing Inc.

“By accident, ” answered Olga Blanco when I asked her how she got her start in the printing business. Her husband started Nobel Printing in 1979, and Olga took over a short while later when he became ill. “I learned and I kept going, ” she smiled, remembering a time when the business was new to her. She, in turn, has taught her son, who works for a printing company in Florida. Olga shared with me that when her son's business decided to use the traditional printing press in an effort to distinguish themselves from others, his knowledge of the machine lead to a promotion. “No one else knows how to use these, ” she gushed, “so they increased his pay. ”Originally from Columbia, Olga journeyed to the States in 1969 at the age of seventeen. Since living here, she has seen a lot of changes, many of which have had an negative impact on her custom printing company. “Everything is digital these days, ” she rationalized, "And everyone thinks they are a designer. ” With so many people in possession of a computer and the means to make their own digital copies, her fears are not unwarranted. Topped off with rising rents, Olga is not sure her business will operate for longer than a few more years. Indeed, she has seen many others pushed out of the neighborhood for similar reasons. “The real estate business is hungry for money, ” she said, shaking her head. Despite the obstacles, Olga remains quite confident in the product, itself. She happily deals solely in custom printing, taking on any job no matter the size and “creating something beautiful. ” When I visited in the summer of 2016, Olga was working on a wedding order of 2000 invites and could not conceal her passion for the project. She showed me her early drafts, pulling out the quality card stock and brushing her fingertips over a soft design that depicted a tree just in bloom. There is no replacement for “that human touch. ”

Lost Gem
Between the Bread 1 Caterers Breakfast Event Planners American undefined

Between the Bread

Jon Eisen is not only one of the partners of Between the Bread and its director of strategic growth, but he is also heir to one of the pioneers of the venture, which has delivered sandwiches to office workers since 1979. Ricky Eisen, Jon’s mother and the company’s president - who was born on the outskirts of Tel Aviv - decided to use large-scale catering to bring healthy meals to her clients in a more efficient way. Jon claims that the result was the first catering company in New York City. Ricky’s idea to use only healthy and local ingredients proved to be a pivotal moment in the way catering to corporate clients is done today. In 2013, Ricky put her son in charge of the retail and café side of the business, which up until that point had been secondary to catering. Recognizing the recent popular trend of eating healthy and local, Jon quickly began streamlining the production process, including installing digital cash registers to track customer orders. This lead to a doubling of revenue. His success prompted Ricky to name him partner in 2015. Despite these changes, the core of the business is still the same: using organic, fresh, and seasonal to serve “high quality meals. ” And to hear it from Jon and the head of brand strategy, Victoria Rolandelli, this core seems to resonate well with customers. Between the Bread opened two more locations in October 2015 and has plans to have a total of twelve locations throughout the city. Located in the Chelsea Terminal Warehouse, the 27th Street Between the Bread is in a massive space that was previously an unloading station for trains. In the not-too-distant future, once Hudson Yards is complete, it is Jon's hope that they will become the "new Chelsea Market. "