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Audio46 Headphones

When Audio46 first opened under a different name, it primarily sold digital cameras. Business savvy, however, led the employees to realize that over time, more and more people were coming in for headphones. In 2016, they changed over their stock to deal primarily in audio equipment. Since then, they have been featured on CBS Local and have garnered international attention. I sat down with Tony Aama, Audio46’s Vice President, who discussed the shift with me. Tony listed the expansive list of headphone brands offered at Audio46, including Sennheiser, Audeze, Beyerdynamic, Jays, Hifiman, Westone, Shure, and Grado. He told me that there are headphones for every price point, from simple $10-20 ear buds to $4000 professional headphones. He showed me the back of the shop, where there are still shelves of digital cameras from before the shop switched over to audio. Tony was pleased to tell me that despite the shift, the store is still considered number one by many seeking digital cameras in the city. I also spoke with Ryan Davison, the Digital Content Director at Audio46, who said that the store provides a “really fun work environment. ” He went on to say, “I come in early and I leave late, ” to which Tony replied, “I have to tell them to go home. ” I witnessed the cheerful camaraderie of the staff when the Manhattan Sideways team took some of their pictures outside the store. Pablo, Sade, Jelena, and Ryan naturally posed with arms around each other and big grins on their faces. Though most of them have backgrounds related to TV or audio, they also have varied interests: for example, I learned that Sade is a fashion and tech blogger. They are able to tap their creative sides through the shop’s giveaways and promotions – the team shared that they had a lot of fun during National Selfie Day. And from what I saw, each one is extremely knowledgeable about their high-quality headphones and eager to help any visitors to the store. Tony phrased it best: “We’re good to our customers and good to our employees. ”