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Sorelle Tailoring

Sorelle Tailoring 1 Tailors Garment District Hells Kitchen Hudson Yards

Two sisters came together to the United States from Turkey in the 1980s, and after settling in New Jersey, they were ready to utilize their talents. "Our father did not actually teach us how to be seamstresses, but rather we grew up watching and absorbing what he did as a tailor in our homeland," Jeannie explained to me. "He had no idea how much we learned from him." Jeannie went on to say that at age fourteen or so (they are sixteen months apart), they began stitching clothes and have been at it for over forty-five years.

Upon their arrival in the U.S., the sisters worked in factories, but when business was taken to China and they were out of jobs, the ladies decided to open their own tailoring shop on 36th Street. They named it Sorelle, which means "sisters" in Italian.

Since 1995, Jeannie and Mary have been working with designers, stitching their samples up, making alterations during Fashion Week and creating garments from scratch. In addition, they have gained a reputation for their intimate apparel work - designing and making bras. From the short amount of time that I spent observing, it became apparent that opening in this location was a brilliant move. And, not only is it beneficial to the commercial garment district, but also for the residents of the neighborhood.

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Sorelle Tailoring 1 Tailors Garment District Hells Kitchen Hudson Yards

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