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19 West 21st Street, Suite 706
Print Space 1 Photography Film Services Flatiron

Not only is Print Space a hidden gem in the sense that they offer something incredibly specialized, but also because they do not have a store front - rather one must be buzzed in to go upstairs to the wonderful world of high quality scanners, digitized printing and the nicest people to help customers with their unique projects. Geoff Hutchinson began his business in the 1990s targeting photographers and the fine arts market. The business continued to evolve through color printing's heyday and then onto digital and the excitement of inkjet printing. In addition to working with the galleries as they take advantage of the large format Imacon scanners, many photographers gravitate to Print Space, as they still prefer the characteristics of film, but then need it to be digitized. They are also one of the last places in New York to process color film and at a "ridiculously low price." Print Space opens its doors to the community. They welcome continuing ed programs from the local schools as well as the students of Cooper Union and Parsons. It gives Geoff and his knowledgeable staff great pleasure to take people into one of their specially designed rooms and teach them how to use the machines. How exciting to be able to take one's own archive of photos and create a digitized product. Geoff explained to me that by learning to do this themselves, customers can save an incredible amount of money and also leave with something that they can feel good about.

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Print Space 1 Photography Film Services Flatiron
Print Space 2 Photography Film Services Flatiron
Print Space 3 Photography Film Services Flatiron
Print Space 4 Photography Film Services Flatiron
Print Space 5 Photography Film Services Flatiron

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Lost Gem
Merakia 1 Mediterranean Greek undefined


Merakia occupies the space that housed Kat & Theo from 2015-2017 - and while the restaurant maintains the same ownership as before, it also has a different mission. The modern Greek steakhouse prides itself on its meats and classic seafood items, while maintaining a classy, hip atmosphere in its cavernous space on 21st Street. “We built a new team… and a new vision, ” managing partner James Paloumbis shared with the Manhattan Sideways team when he spoke of the switch from Kat & Theo. He then went on to highlight Merakia’s differences from other Greek restaurants. “It’s not white and blue like every other place in New York City. Our menu is not the copy paste of any other place. ” The menu is heavy on steaks and seafood, boasting their signature lamb on the spit ("the only restaurant in the city to do so") while, surprisingly, offering some robust meat-free options as well. “Everything is farm to table, we use fresh ingredients, [and] we make everything from scratch on a daily basis. ” James told us that part of his mission is to bring back the adventure of going out to eat, a phenomenon he has noticed declining over the years. “People don’t like to go out anymore just to eat. You can eat at home, you can eat down the street, you can order your meal online. But to get an experience of nice service, some nice flavors, nice music, nice drinks - it’s worth your while to go out again. ” Husband and wife team behind Kat & Theo - Renee and Andreas Typaldos - seem to have orchestrated a smooth transition from their previous restaurant. As their past executive chef, Paras Shah, believed, "there should be a movie written about the couple's romantic backstory and that he “couldn’t have worked for better folks. ” Andy is originally from Greece, and the restaurant was named after his parents, Katerina and Theodosios. Andy came to New York on a scholarship from Columbia and met Renee, who is from the Bronx. He took her out on a first date “with holes in his shoes and with no winter jacket, ” according to Renee. She added, “The romantic, poetic way people get together. ” Today, they are paying homage to Andy's Greek heritage and according to James, “People have to trust their stomachs and their palates with a restaurant, so that’s what we’re trying to do here. Trust us - our food is fresh, our food is made with care, and we love what we do. ”