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Olde Good Things

5 East 16th Street
Olde Good Things 1 Antiques Flatiron

Along with having so much fun browsing through the antique inventory at Olde Good Things, I was enchanted with their story. What began as a group of women trying to raise money at flea markets for the Church of Bible Understanding in the 1990s has turned into multiple stores in Manhattan. Selling doorknobs, mirrors, mantels, furniture and so many more intriguing pieces, Olde Good Things is the perfect place for anyone attempting to restore an old house or apartment. The shop focuses on architectural salvaging in the city, seeking to save pieces of old New York, including items from hotels, churches, and brownstones. From these pieces, Olde Good Things creates a variety of furniture, including wooden tables and chairs.

When I revisited Olde Good Things in 2017, I spoke with Haroldynne, one of the original founders. She explained that the focus on fine craftsmanship and architectural salvaging has allowed the store to stay open as other antique stores have closed and has enabled them to grow into one of the largest antique companies in the Northeast.

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Olde Good Things 1 Antiques Flatiron
Olde Good Things 2 Antiques Flatiron
Olde Good Things 3 Antiques Flatiron
Olde Good Things 4 Antiques Flatiron
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