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233 West 29th Street
Stick & Pop 1 Dessert Chelsea

Stick and Pop is perfectly on trend, as cake pops are beginning to spring up all over the city, but this bakery is the only one in Manhattan that specializes exclusively in these delicious baked lollipops. Friends and owners, Jacki Caponigro and Christy Myberg have definitely mastered the technique. There are large or small pops in a wide variety of flavors and for those who prefer to savor their mouthful sans stick, they have branched out to different elements of the same concept with bonbons. One of the marvelous treats that we tried was the Nutty Bunny pop, a carrot cake base covered in a white chocolate shell and walnut crunch, and we have to say that something about having it on a stick was magical. The crunchy outer layer sealed the moisture into the cake, and completely solved the problem of sliced cake becoming dry and crumbly. Depending on the season, there are other outstanding flavors - apple pie in the fall, lemonade throughout the summer and then there is the heavenly chocolate salted caramel and strawberry shortcake. Not only are the pops delectable, but the owners are wonderful as well. We had a lovely conversation learning what drew them into this business - the hours that they spent being educated and how labor intensive it is to make these mini cakes. It is far different than baking cupcakes. Thankfully, many are recognizing how special these are and corporations are ordering them for events as are caterers. For those of us who love to bake, classes are offered and private birthday parties or bachelorette gatherings can also be booked.

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