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Thomas Anderson Designs, LLC

It took a bit of perseverance and good detective work to track down Thomas Anderson, but I quickly learned why. For over thirty successful years in New York as both an architect and an event planner, Thomas has never been listed in the phone book, or had a website - quite an accomplishment in today's world. When I asked about his career, and his present business, Thomas excitedly relayed his history to me.At the age of fourteen, Thomas graduated high school down south and went onto receive an English degree at Georgetown University. Shortly after he began teaching at the University of Georgia, he became restless and applied to architecture school. He received that degree from Georgia Tech and then continued his studies in fine arts at Harvard. With enough education under his belt, Thomas ventured to the west coast where he worked with Burt Reynolds, his childhood babysitter. After completing five movie projects, Thomas was ready to finally settle in New York where his career flourished.Thomas told me that he was at a party one evening where the five Fendi sisters, of Italian haute couture fame, were in attendance. They asked him if he would organize a party for them. As he tells it, one thing led to another and an event business developed that has lasted some three decades. Thomas went on to say that every client was recommended by someone else. "I never needed a resume or a website." He was able to combine both his architecture skills and his passion for event planning, becoming highly regarded and sought after around the world. From designing homes, renovating distinguished clubs, working with major clients in the business world to doing restoration work for the National Trust for Historic Preservation - including working on a castle in Ireland - Thomas has had a magnificent career.

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