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Today: 5–10pm
204 East 43rd Street

Considered by many to be one of the top sushi restaurants in Manhattan, I was intrigued to learn more about Yasuda. When I asked a friend who lived in the area, about the restaurant, she explained to me that this is where she goes for a "clean, fresh, authentic Japanese sushi/sashimi experience." They are purists at Yasuda, clearly discerning as to the quality and integrity of the fish that they select and the simplicity and care with which they prepare and serve it. She went on to say, "Put simply, they allow the flavors of each fish to speak for itself - and each bite does, in fact, transport the diner to the sea."

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Lost Gem
Sakagura 1 Japanese undefined


Once we figured out where we needed to go - through the lobby of a commercial building and down a few flights - we parted a curtain, and turned to each other with broad smiles on our faces and gestures of approval. A friend had mentioned Sakagura a while back, saying don't forget to find this amazing Japanese restaurant when you are walking on 43rd. I put it in my notes, and made reservations on a Thursday evening at 7: 00 pm. We only waited a few minutes, but when we were taken to our booth - we were a party of six - every table was filled. Somehow the minimal interior with cement flooring, simple wood tables, bamboo, and a bar that extends down an entire side of the restaurant came together seamlessly. For me, however, it was the large flowering branches of cherry blossoms that captured my attention - and heart. It was the middle of April, and I had been eagerly awaiting these trees to open their buds in Central Park, but they had been taking their sweet time after a very cold winter. Known for their extensive selection of Sake, we browsed through the long list, and then took the advice of our server. Several of the items on the menu were a bit different from what some of us were accustomed to sampling, but that we did. Together with some standards like edamame, we ordered numerous small plates and main dishes to share - chicken, beef, fish, including fried eel and fillet of salmon sashimi, udon noodles, spinach with a sesame paste, rice balls with miso painted on top and the show-stopper, mashed potato balls fried in a sweet donut batter. Different and delicious.

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